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application louisina essential workers

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SOUTHERN LOUISIANA GRANTMAKERS FORUM COMMON APPLICATION FORM The foundations and corporations that developed this common application form hope it will help nonprofit organizations in the New Orleans
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing application louisina essential workers
Hey everybody its Angie and I'm back again today to add another video to my college application series and today I'll be talking about the common application I was originally intending to film a video with like a screen recording of me going through the common app and explaining everything but the system shutdown on July 21st to refresh with a new admission cycle and I want to get a video out before August 1st so that anyone who's worrying about the Common App now can watch it and go through with me when it opens so this is my attempt at timely advice whether you're watching this a right when it's uploaded and are anxiously awaiting the opening of the common application or if you're a couple months in and are currently lost in the murky depths of common app hell look no further here is my basic overview on the common application how to fill out its section obviously the first step is to create an account so go to combinatoric and click apply now in the top right corner and sign up for a student account make sure you write down the login information somewhere safe and don't forget to bookmark the site on your browser step number two it click the tabs it says common app I know it's tempting to add all your colleges at once especially because you're really excited the Adrenaline's probably going but I highly recommend not doing that because it'll be overwhelming and distracting to see all the essay prompts so I would say focus on the common out first and then look at all your individual College things later so step number three once you are on that common app tab fill out the sub section the appropriation testing section are all very straightforward so just answer those questions as honestly as possible none of the things you write will hurt you unless you purposely to fabricate your responses don't be that kid on college confidential who wants to put himself down as biracial or mixed-race because he's 96 percent Asian 2% black and 2% white just be honest this whole thing should take about an hour or less depending on how much outside information you to get like where your parents went to school or what dates you took your SATs stuff like that so after you do that make sure you review it painstakingly get someone close to you like a parent teacher best friend to look it over and make sure you anything I would also recommend filling it out and then leaving it alone until adjust before you're about to submit your first application so that you can see it again with fresh eyes get rid of the familiarity and then see any areas you might have left in like a couple months ago and number four the dreaded activity section when I was filling into my common application I found it so difficult to find a way to describe the extracurriculars I was doing adequately in the tiny tiny space that they provided so here's my pro tip don't spend too much time at describing talk about your actions your accomplishments and your impact no matter what you do it'll be...